Tonights Special Guest DJ - Shakedown Festival Warm Up

Brilliant news for anyone coming to tonights warehouse party in Brighton

Our very special guest DJ will be none other than Ms Paris Hilton

As some of you may know, Paris has been working hard recently to become the "most powerful female house dj in the world"

Tonight she'll be ditching the house tunes in favour of a bag full of rare Paradise Garage and Loft Party influenced disco accompanied by some of her bad ass edits she's currently been working on in the studio with some guy called Will

Paris has told us that in her attempt to become "more powerful" she'll be carrying all her vinyl herself in order to build up some muscle strength

There's even talk of her using her own Bozak Mixer and a specially custom built Reel To Reel Player that she will also be carrying from the boot of her trusty Morris Minor which will be parked outside the venue and where she'll be signing autographs from after her 3 hour set

Paris said "I can't wait to play tonight and meet all my fans. Naturally I'm all about the music but if anyone wants to cop a feel then be my guest. Just as long as it all futhers my dj career then it's all good, unlike my mixing skills which are terrible"

Alongside this great scoop all attendees tonight will gain free entry to tomorrows rave at the back of Brighton that signals the end of Brighton Summer Time we've been told

Keep an eye out for the Secret Rizla Arena with The Lowlife DJs amongst others playing all their favorite Ibiza dance tracks through their Ipods plus The Unabombers who have promised to play some "pukka" trance music to the masses from a small burger van on site

Naturally the main attraction will be none other than Harvey who's flying in to the UK for his first ever commerical dance set planned for around 6pm on the mainstage

When asked, Harvey excitedly explained "Yeah this is a great opportunity for me to show the other side of my musical tastes, I can't wait to bosh the f**k out of the sound system whilst also hopefully converting a few people to my cause to topple Paul Oakenfold as the worlds top DJ"

Other djs performing include

Terry Farley - Mainstage (Dubstep Set)
Micky Finn -  Mainstage (Vocal House Set)
Greg Wilson - Rizla Arena (Drum n Bass Set)
Paris Hilton - (Future Jazz Set from the back of her Morris Minor)
The Ganja Crew - (Hosting The Balearic Tent)

Don't forget the offical afterparty held on a house boat in Portslade featuring Brighon's best Psy Trance Crew (The Daffodil Collective) attmepting to getting royally smashed on liquid acid

Naturally none of the above is actually true and we wish everyone including Paris a lovely weekend

Fingers crossed for sunshine tomorrow

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