Brighton Source Article - Groove Based Dance Music In Brighton

James the editor at our local entertainment bible The Brighton Source has indicated that there's interest on the magaizines part in a potential article that covers the developments across the scene in Brighton

We sent James the idea a while back and he's replied to say that it is something that the magazine will investigate in the future

James ran a very concise piece on the Greg Wilson party back at The Ocean Rooms in 2007 which signified the gradual start of the more overground exceptance of the music and has a good angle on what's been happening since then locally

We'll be looking at going back to around 2005/2006 depending on how the piece of documentation works out and would like to hear from anyone associated within the scene either as a dj, promoter, musican, venue or dancer that has been involved over the years

The Brighton Source has slowly began to feature some leading local and national players on the groove based/disco scene over the last 12 months which when we think back wouldn't of been remotely excepted or understood around 5-6 years ago

A major theme that has been suggested for the documentation to follow is the local interest story that follows the involvement of people into and past their thirties that still go out to groove based nights in the city

However there would need to be the need to have a strong musical slant to make the documentation more complete

If you would like to add some background information regarding your thoughts as well as dates regarding anything significant to you then please get in touch at

All contributions are welcome

That's it, fire way !


  1. Some interesting points raised by Ben GC today that points the finger towards the rise of the boutique festival scene (Rizla Arena and Fat Tuesdays) as well as the edit scene on Soundcloud exposing new ears to old sounds.

  2. Going to add facebook to the mix as that medium in the early days helped connect all the crews who then started supporting the scene and what was going on within it.

    However there's still loads more info to be gathered from situations such as The Greg Wilson nights at The Loft and the non club spaces such as The Three and Ten, The Fishbowl, The Sidewinder and The Globe.

    Also there are direct links back to similar approaches employed by nights such as Phonic Hoop, Swim at Audio and The Jazz Place however they didn't play that much disco to be fare.

    Also The White Room at The Ocean Rooms can't be counted out as well as Al Duomos when going back a couple of years.

    Hope this ignites some energy out there.

  3. Interesting piece Ali - I don't really count as I've only been doing my thing at Merkaba for 20 months or so, but for me producers / editors / acts like The Revenge, 6th Borough Project, Crazy P, Matthew Kyle, Todd Terje and to a degree DFP, have contributed a lot, as has the work of some notable Soundclouders; Micamino, Linasour/Alkalino, Joe Malenda, Brendon P, Mojo Filter, Tony Johns, J*Ski, Jimmy Michaels, Cuetec, Disco Tech, Fingerman, Greg Womack, U-Tern/Oliver - the list goes does the beat...

    I played to a packed Merkaba last Saturday, didn't get up to 120bpm until 2.30, and had people - thirties and above - coming up all night to ask for track i.d.'s, what style I was playing (tbh - I have absolutely no idea), if I was playing anywhere else, and even if I could write down artist names so they could get their kids to load their iPods for them..

    There's definitely a lot of interest out there, but - as yet - it seems that a lot of the people who'd enjoy the nights aren't connecting with the events; going by what they tell me, this may be because they don't feel comfortable as "clubbers" any more. If that is the case the non-club spaces will play quite an important role...

    Anyway, this is a bit of a ramble... give me a call if you think I've got anything else to contribute!

  4. Hi NHS

    The Source ran an article on the warehouse party at The GDS although we did mention to them the surrounding movement of people that are part of this musical and social situation. For now we'll have to rely on the blogosphere to document all the associated information and key moments. One day we'll look back and see for ourselves what a great experience we were all having and what brilliant music drove it all forward.