Hooligan X - The Flasher - 1991

One of a kind release that was an anthem within the clubs of the North East of England but more or less no where else

I think it's safe to say that if you're only hearing this for the first time your nearly 20 years too late and  maybe not from the area it was a hit  then The Flasher isn't going to make much sense in this day and age

However this is the point, the track makes perfect sense within the context of it's limited geographical impact whilst becoming successful via word of mouth, through being played in a small number of clubs and also via local pirate radio

To add to the tracks mystique original copies have exchanged for between £100 - £250 with very limited availabillity as only 500 were pressed up, some even say 300 tops

Not much movement on discogs or ebay either

I'm going to post up a bit of history surrounding this track so that if you're checking it out for the first time you hopefully can see why it's held in such high regard and by those that would of enjoyed hearing it within the early 90's North East club scene around Middlesborough, Stockton and Newcastle Upon Tyne

There's lots to tell and it will be a pleasure too


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  2. Anonymous08:08

    I have a copy of this 12" - big on the Sheffield pirate stations too -so not just a north east thing - in part because hooligan x played one of the Creation raves at Sheffield City Hall Ballroom

  3. Anonymous10:25

    I just bagged myself a copy of this, an absolute bargain at £100. I used to go to Club Havana in the Boro, where Hooligan X were residents and this was one of the biggest tunes back in the day. Love it :D

  4. Anonymous13:41

    great track, takes me back to club havana and the butterloggies. am friends with M.C lee`s daughter danni, unfortunately lee , last i heard is serving a prison sentence

  5. As above this track did it's rounds and I first heard it in 91 at a club in Widnes Cheshire called Stories. I also am lucky enough to own a mint original copy of this and it's one of my all time favourites. That rumbling bass line tho wow...