The Globe In Brighton Sees More Great Local Parties And Djs

The Globe on Middle Street or as we like to know it as “the unofficial home of Brighton’s groove based dance community” continues to pull in the quality underground nights over the next few weeks leading into Summer 2010.

The Globe has a great basement/bar space where extra pa is always welcome plus a smashing upstairs area with occasional guest Djs accompanying what’s kicking off downstairs.

The nights are always free and attract a very clued up and friendly music and party savvy crowd.

All nights aim to finish at 3am or later.

Recommended dates and events

Friday 25th June TIED with Tim Rivers and Rich Recess offering an eclectic mix of music

Saturday 26th June BEYOND with Rich Harmer and JACA serving smooth Deep House

Sunday 27th June TIP TOP HI-FI with residents playing Rocksteady and Reggae

Saturday 3rd July MUSIC FOR TEA PARTIES with various DJ’s playing "proper" House Music in the basement and Funk, Soul and Hiphop in the upstairs bar

Also catch surprise sessions from

Disco Deviant, Blacklodge Records and Disted Twisco all on the proper House Music, Boogie and Disco Tip

All three video clips were taken on Saturday 1st May 2010 at The Globe over both floor of the venue throughout the late night and early morning.


  1. Anonymous01:34

    The globe has always had a nice vibe and the beats are always good, basements always bring out the best in music.

  2. You're so correct Rich. There's been a very long tradition of basement parties at The Globe probably going back to 2003/2004.

    The venue was already a space where you could find good music and events that would run till 3am even before the 24 hour drinking regs came in.

    The Globe is vitally important to Brighton as it's found itself becoming home to our cities groove based dance scene.

    There's no restrictions on the db levels either which makes everything work better when putting on parties plus the venue can be jazzed up with the right amount of thought when applied to decor.

    We've got our nights starting back up again on the first Saturday in October with Soft Rocks as bi-monthly guests if you're about. It will be there first local residency in a while so we're all very excited about the prospect of them joining us.

    Thanks for leaving a message, just had a nose around your blog, nice Harvey picture, love the interview from The Red Bull archives too.

    Best wishes