What's Coming To Brighton Now That's Summer's Over

"female Brightonians now stand next to their male counter parts this coming change of season"

Did one of these round up type things a while back after finding out about some really worthwhile events and places to visit in the earlier part of 2009 just before everyone poked off to all the festivals around the country for the summer.

Well, summer's over now and we're all on the cusp of the impending long dark winter nights as the recession bites down and the dreaded swine flu threatens to hit the UK double hard if you're to buy into what last weeks Panorama show on the BBC told us.

Stroll on mate you must be thinking, cheer up for God's sake, say something nice........please.

Alright then, as always D.I.S.C.O will save the day yet again if you're a Brightonian and especially it would seem after recent sightings, female Brightonians will now be including themselves in this salvation of the musical senses.

Yes, Brighton ladies have finally reached out and joined the bearded chin strokers and train spotter dj types of the male persuasion over the summer months at all the various alfresco shindigs, bank holiday pub raves and late night bar events that have continued throughout the warmer months this year.

No longer the sole preserve of the disco nerd. Brighton's underground disco scene has come of age in 2009, attracting the ladies in equal numbers whilst at the same time catching the eyes of those that continue to earn a living out of the dance music industry, club owners and their managers.

Although not the most accessible of musical scenes within the cities dance community, a few venues have now given the checkered shirt and beard brigade a pop at a few nights to see what all the fuss is about and why people that should be worrying about losing their homes, jobs and lively hoods were much more preoccupied with dancing to some cosmic, loft or boogie over any given weekend this last summer.

Big successes so far this year have to be Sundays at Life on Brighton seafront which have seen weekly sessions right on the beach with guests supporting the local residents since the start of August.

The strongest selection of djs playing all things disco this side of Norman Cooks house might be coming to an end on a Sunday for now but all concerned will be hosting the New Years Eve party this year at Life in December.

We're giving away a few reduced price tickets nearer the date, if you need any just send us a message before the night sells out completely.

So, that's NYE sorted, what about in the meantime then, who's doing what and where is it being done?

Well check this lot out for starters

Wolf Music Recordings who you might remember as having released their first 12" this year which we featured heavily on the blog and in our dj sets are having a launch party on Saturday 10th October at Riki Tiks in Brighton.

Guests include Civilization Of The Rough from Southsea who have been stoking things up nicely down the coast for a while plus our lot too with Affy and Ali lending a hand on the night.

The Fishbowl in Brighton continues to act as the only regular weekly outlet for quality groove based music and although under new management, things have remained the same with both a tight music and door entry policy ensuring one of the best regular nights out locally.

Disco Deviant hit Micro on Friday 14th November with a collection of co hosts for a night called Escape From NYC. It's based around 70/80's disco music and will feature a long list of local djs who will be hosting Micro for the night.

The event itself is running alongside Norman Jay MBE's appearance at Micro's sister club Digital. Apparently Norman is playing a "Good Times Set" on the night which is always a crowd puller.

Finally, monthly basement sessions will be returning to The Globe on Middle Street on the first Saturday of each month, although the first party is on Saturday 24th October with guest AD from Brighton legends TONKA.

Not going to say too much about the hosts of the night but suffice to say the venue is quality, the party is in the basement and the music will be all groove based right through until next May.

That's it, all's well and still ticking over by the seaside still, enjoy it while you can or at least have the opportunity to do so.

Have a great end of 2009 and well done to all that made it a great year so far.

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