September Podcast Track Listing

Eventually got round to chucking together a podcast on the recommendation that it would be a good idea from one of our mates.

Hope you like the show which has been put together by Ali this time.

Please excuse his sore throat and less than inspired mic skills, it was his first time out, sure he'll get better once he's had a few goes and has mastered the equipment side of things.

Here's the track listing and a link to the show itself.

1-Adonis-No Way Back (Greg Wilson Edit) with ODB intro
2-Tenderness-Gotta Keep On Trying
3-Whistle Bump 793-Burmia Dedato
4-Francine Magee-Delirium
5-Debbie Jacobs-High On Your Love
6-Tracey Weber-Sure Shot
7-Tee Scott-Tees Happy
8-Donald Bird-Love Has Come Around
9-Black Cock Recordings-Frog Scene
10-Faze Action-I Wanna Dancer (Disco, Rock, Dub Mix)
11-Chamboche-Feverish (The Revenge Mix)
12-Chamboche-Ipso Facto (Pete Herbert Mix)
13-Situation-Love In Me (Situation Edit)
14-Geraldine Hunt-You Can’t Fake The Feeling
15-Jimmy Ross-First True Love Affair
16-The Idjut Boys-Jammy Dodger
17-Danny Howells-Pyschobump
18-Fat Larrys Band-Act Like You Know


  1. Good effort Sir ....loving the deep croaky voice on this long and awaited podcasting

    I am just loading this to the ipod and will listen to this today while en route to the Plasa Show to look and listen to some wonderful new technoligies ....I will see if they will let me plug my ipod into the Funktion One soundsystem to broadcast your podcast to the whole of Earls Court ;)

  2. A nice way to pass the morning in work. Cheers Ali

  3. p.s I love that Revenge remix of Feverish!